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Bride Associates is an authorized dealer for WedClean Wedding Gown Preservation and works with brides to help them clean, repair and preserve their gowns. Entrust your wedding gown to the experts. Keep your heirloom gown in the family for generations to come, by preserving it the right way with a company that has been preserving gowns for over fifty years!

Preserving your wedding gown as a precious heirloom requires the skillful care and dedication to detail that only a Certified Master Cleaner can provide. With over 50 years experience and our exclusive wedding gown preservation system, CareLoom™, WedClean Wedding Gown Preservation is able to provide heirloom-quality dress cleaning and preservation at a reasonable rate.

Without proper treatment, champagne, wedding cake, makeup, perspiration and other stains or spills can cause irreversible damage to your wedding gown. Sugar stains are often invisible to the untrained eye and require special care and ultra-violet inspection so they will not oxidize and cause brown spots over time. We have the experience to properly attend to every aspect of your gown's cleaning and preservation - making the CareLoom ™ process a truly exceptional and enduring value.

After cleaning, your garments are hand-folded, packed with advanced acid-free materials and hand sealed in our museum-quality CareLoom Lifetime Storage Chest. Each gown that we clean and preserve comes with a lifetime guarantee, just as they have since 1928. | 940.210.1391 | 1904 Industrial Blvd. Colleyville, Texas 76034